Track down Staff with Find-Me/Follow-Me

Imagine easily being able to reach maintenance, housekeeping and support staff. Perhaps the front desk needs to quickly find a person to attend to an emergency. With ComXchange, simply dial the person’s extension. From there, ComXchange calls a preprogrammed sequence of numbers, including mobile devices, until the person is reached.

Extend the Phone System to Remote Offices & Teleworkers

ComXchange’s IP platform connects the phone system to remote offices and teleworkers via the Internet. Staff can utilize the full benefits of your phone system as if they were at the hotel – all without additional telecom expenses or equipment.

Turn any Computer into a Softphone

With ComXchange, a telephone no longer has to be a traditional telephone. Just about any network connected PC or laptop can be transformed simply by installing and configuring a softphone app. This gives staff even more flexibility, enabling them to communicate and use advanced features from any location as if they were in the office.

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