Get to Know ComXchange

Hospitality-Specific Communications Server
ComXchange is the first telecom solution built from the ground up specifically for the lodging industry. The open platform of ComXchange provides an array of communications options. From traditional analog phones to sophisticated display phones, ComXchange fits the exacting needs of any lodging type.

Open Hardware Platform
ComXchange leverages the power of open standards. Instead of being locked into proprietary equipment and expensive upgrades, you get to decide what equipment makes the most sense for your property.

All-in-One Solution
Multiple interfaces, vendors and service distributors often create discord and additional expense when trying to tie systems together. ComXchange is a Communications Server that includes…

  • PBX/PMS integration
  • Automated wake-up calls
  • Unified messaging
  • Auto attendant
  • Conferencing
  • Call accounting
  • Workflow management

All these capabilities are housed and integrated within the ComXchange server. Fewer interfaces means fewer headaches for you!

Simplified Licensing
While other vendors use a la carte licensing, ComXchange reduces costs and confusion with its simplified universal licensing. You no longer need to upgrade your license for every feature you want to use. For example, ComXchange allows you to freely upgrade an extension from analog to IP if you wish to do so. There are truly no hidden costs.

More benefits of ComXchange…

  • Lower price point than the competition
  • Wider selection of phone and add-on equipment
  • Easier upgrades and lower support costs
  • Less dependence on single manufacturer
  • Protection from obsolescence
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