Make Messaging Easy

With ComXchange Simplified Unified Messaging, you receive your voice messages as emails. When a caller leaves a message, ComXchange sends an email notification, which includes an audio attachment of the voicemail message. You can easily listen, save and forward messages while reviewing email.

Ensure Wake-Up Calls

Missed wake-up calls can be a guest service nightmare. ComXchange provides a greater level of accountability by generating missed wake-up call reports. Front desk staff can simply use a web browser to pull a report of missed wake-up calls and follow up with those guests. Staff can view web-based reports for information like number of attempts without an answer, time of each attempt, and more.

Never Miss a Fax Again

Perhaps a customer faxes a time-sensitive contract to a sales person, but they are on vacation. No problem. ComXchange’s fax server easily directs faxes to multiple staff email accounts for increased accountability. As a result, a sales manager still receives copies of faxes when a sales person is out, and can take appropriate action.

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