Cost Reduction Benefits

Open Standards Means Reduced Costs

ComXchange leverages the power of open standards hardware to prevent locking you into proprietary, expensive equipment and upgrades. This allows you to select from a wider array of best in class products compatible with ComXchange for lower hardware prices, easier upgrades, and better protection from obsolescence.

Fewer Interfaces, Fewer Integration Headaches

Multiple interfaces, vendors and servicing distributors often create discord and additional expenses when trying to tie systems together. ComXchange simplifies this by providing an all-in-one solution – all housed and integrated into a cost-effective single system that connects simply to your hotel’s PMS.

Simplified Licensing, No Hidden Costs

While other vendors use a la carte licensing, ComXchange reduces costs and confusion with its simplified universal licensing. You no longer need to upgrade your license for every feature you want to use. For example, ComXchange allows you to freely upgrade an extension from analog to IP if you wish to do so. There are truly no hidden costs.

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