ComXchange Cloud

The Hotel PBX of the Future… Today

Unlike proprietary systems that lock you in with specialized hardware and maintenance programs, ComXchange is an advanced communication server built on an open platform and designed for the lodging industry.

Lower Telecom Costs

Until now, many hotels were forced to make do with either low-cost phone systems that lacked compatibility with hospitality and guest services, or expensive enterprise systems that were repackaged for the hospitality sector. ComXchange breaks through these barriers by delivering all-in-one features, compatibility and affordability.


Support and maintenance are streamlined with a single-source solution. The flexibility of ComXchange allows you to choose from best-in-class hardware and applications that meet the specific needs of your individual property.

More Hotel Benefits

  • Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Guest Services
  • Mobility
  • Efficiency
  • Fail-Safe Features

With the added advantages of a cloud infrastructure…

Shared Resources – The cost for a single hotelier to occupy space within a datacenter could be prohibitive. The cloud offers shared datacenter resources and services at a fraction of the cost.

Scalability – In the cloud environment, you only pay for what you need. While each hotelier has its own dedicated modules or server space, the hosted datacenter is designed to service thousands of users and can be expanded as needed at no cost to you.

Consolidation – The cloud makes it easy to operate multiple hotels in different areas of the country. You can share the resources available to you in the cloud between multiple properties and multiple flags, even when they have different infrastructure designs. And they can all be centrally managed.

Lower Costs – With the cloud, you will not need the same level of maintenance support or on-site service. Datacenters are staffed 24/7 by experts who can diagnose issues and switch out components at a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional, on-site service call.

Adding New Applications – Adding new or enhanced applications and features is easy. Since they are already installed in the datacenter, it’s just a matter of turning them on to make them available.

Implemented as a cloud solution, ComXchange can improve guest services, while it generates substantial cost savings, improves performance and provides peace of mind.

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